Our Interns: Liz Dragan and Cher Hicks

This year Polich Tallix had the pleasure of welcoming two summer interns, Elizabeth Dragan and Cheryl Hicks. As full time students at SUNY New Paltz, Liz and Cher spent their summer working with our team to organize and catalog our library of finish samples as well as our sculpture and photograph archives.

Liz majors in Art History and is entering her third year of undergrad studies. Liz was first introduced to Polich Tallix through the exhibit Dick Polich: Making Metal into Art at the Samuel L Dorsky Museum.

Interns-10“Being an Art History major, I have always been curious about every aspect about creating a piece of work; not necessarily just the end result. That being said, I was interested in seeing the process of what it takes to create sculpture (something I knew next to nothing about).

Because of PTX’s moving of location, I was fortunate enough to help catalogue the hundreds of pieces that have been accumulated throughout the years. This gave me the chance  to do hands-on research & analysis, and gain an extensive knowledge of the various artworks and artists that come through PTX’s doors. Out of the many works that I had the chance to come in contact with, I was given the opportunity to curate the Artist’s Lounge with many smaller works, surface samples, prototypes, etc. This was especially fun for me because I was able to use my passion for museum layout to exhibit my own creativity in the design. Now, when you walk through the front doors of PTX, the first thing you see are my carefully crafted cubbies in the Artist’s Lounge (of which I am very proud!)

In addition to working on archiving efforts for PTX, I was able to dive into the sales department, wax, and mold to get the full hands-on experience. I also had the chance to meet so many kind and hardworking people who were enthusiastic about teaching me their trade. Working on pieces myself gave me a entirely new perspective on how to view artwork: not just as the thing it represents but the craftsmanship it took to build it. I think this internship was enormously beneficial on various levels. I now understand the inner workings of the process of creating art, and can appreciate not only the criticism but as well as the multifaceted process that comes with it; and I am enormously grateful for that.”


Cher majors in Art Education and Visual Arts with concentrations in ceramics and painting. She is a senior and is ready to graduate with her undergrad degrees after completing her final step of student teaching this fall.


“I was interested in Polich Tallix because I wanted to learn more about the art of sculpture casting. Upon my arrival, I knew I wanted to learn everything I could. Being an education advocate in all areas of art, I hoped to gain at least a little bit of knowledge on metal casting in order to educate my future students on this type of craft.

While interning at Polich Tallix, I had the opportunity to work in the mold making, wax making, and wax reworking departments. I also helped the team during their move from the Rock Tavern, NY location to the new Walden, NY location.

During my experience in the mold making department, I was welcomed by Raul, Ramiro, and Aris. They are all great examples of hard working craftspeople and great teachers. With their guidance, I was able to mold a sculpture from start to finish. Because of my background in ceramics, I was able to catch on to mold making very quickly.

I enjoyed getting to know the employees at Polich Tallix. Being able to ask questions and learn as much as possible has made me understand that every department is vital for a sculpture to be successfully cast. Interning at Polich Tallix has given me new skills and knowledge to bring back into my own studio and future art classroom. I appreciate the opportunity to intern at such a desired and welcoming foundry.”


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