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A crew at Tallix Peekskill posing with a Willem de Kooning Sculpture, 1984

LEFT: Dick checking a patina RIGHT: Toni Putnam, Mary Frank and Dick discussing a project

A crew at Tallix, Beacon with Stanley Bleifeld and his monument “The Lone Sailor”

LEFT: Frank Stella (center) with Dick, Mike List, Richard Koury, Lee Byrd, Jay LaLonde, Alice Kain, Ed LaLonde, Andrew Conklin and Todd Jones; Beacon, 1991 RIGHT: Jerry Tobin

The main fabrication bay at Tallix, Beacon.

LEFT (top): The original Tallix crew in Peeksill, 1970 LEFT (bottom): Dick in the newspaper with Bill Reid’s “Spirit of Haida Guai” RIGHT: Tallix, Beacon crew with a Frank Stella Sculpture, 1980’s

The original Tallix Facility in Peekskill, NY. The whole crew with Nathan Rapoport’s “Liberation”, 1984

LEFT: Jimmy Jolly laying out and welding a Roy Lichtenstein RIGHT: Jeff Barringer scaling the pattern for Louis Bourgeois’ 25 foot tall fountain

LEFT: Mario Nardin and Rosemary Rednour RIGHT: The unveiling ceremony of a Jackie Robinson Memorial by Susan Wagnor

LEFT: Dennis Holmes installing “Il Cavallo” in Milan, 1999 RIGHT: Peter Ross

LEFT: Meng Ngo installing the Head off “Il Cavallo” RIGHT: Bob Langley working on the Korean War Memorial

Dick and Nathan Rapoport