Polich Tallix is a place where dedicated and experienced craftspeople work in a comfortable and respectful environment. The main bay at Polich Tallix is as large as a football field and four stories high. With the feeling of a studio, the foundry is set up in a way that allows for open communication and for the sharing of ideas, energy and information.  In a process where each step depends on the one before, this layout allows us to work together to develop the best possible approach to your project.

Over the years, metallurgist and fine art foundry owner Dick Polich and the immensely talented craftspeople at the Polich foundries have turned concepts, models and digital files into bronze, steel, aluminum, iron and silver works of art. We have had the honor of working side by side with world-renowned artists from across the globe including Tom Otterness, Janine Antoni, Cleve Gray, Nancy Graves, Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Isamu Noguchi, Rona Pondick, Martin Puryear, Joel Shapiro, and Frank Stella just to name a few.

The foundry known today as Polich Tallix, with over 45 years of rich experience and long-standing relationships, is located in Rock Tavern, New York. It continues to meticulously produce the work of fine artists, architects and designers from around the world. Combining digital technology with world class craftsmanship, Polich Tallix will always respect and preserve the integrity of the artist’s purpose and vision.