Rouge Battery, 2014

Matthew Barney Casts Copper Bronze, Brass, Silicon Bronze, and Ductile Iron Sculptures at Polich Tallix

On September 13 Matthew Barney’s exhibition River of Fundament, a collection of approximately 85 works including a cinema room showing a 6 hour long film with multiple narratives inspired by Norman Mailer’s novel “Ancient Evenings”, opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, CA. Polich Tallix has been casting Matthew Barney’s sculptures since the late 90’s. In 2011, the artist […]


Casting Ductile Iron: A New Era in Contemporary Sculpture

The story of cast iron dates back thousands of years to Ancient China, where the earliest artifacts were found buried deep in a tomb in Luhe County, Jiangsu dated to the 5th century. By the 3rd century, cast iron was widely used for agricultural purposes and as a useful and inexpensive way to produce tools […]