Kelley Walker: Media and Material

Kelley Walker recently wrapped up a new collection of work that was presented by the Catherine Bastide Gallery in Brussells. The collection is continuing to evolve and will be shown in The States in November at Paula Cooper Gallery in New York. In the ad world, Volkswagen changed everything. With their stark, bold and sometimes bizarre tag lines, […]


International Artist JR: Breaking Boundaries

A few weeks ago, a young artist came to us with a fresh idea. Based out of Paris, the city he grew up in, he works part time out of his Brooklyn studio but his works can be found all over the globe. From Shanghai, North Korea and Sao Paulo to Israel and Palestine, JR […]


How a Bronze is Made: An Illustrated Guide from Tom Otterness

Explaining the casting process is not always an easy task. All the reversals from positive to negative, can leave you with your head spinning. If you are interested in  thoroughly understanding the steps of lost wax process, then here is your guide. Illustrated by sculptor, Tom Otterness. Click on the first image to start the slideshow

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Redefining Material: Stainless Steel

One of the challenges of using mirror polished stainless for sculpture is that viewers lose the  identity of the object because what they see in the reflection of the stainless is what exists around the sculpture and not the sculpture itself. One of the happiest solutions to this problem I have seen is the sculpture […]