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Project Redhead: Vincent van Gogh at Martin’s Lane Winery

Recently, Polich Tallix had the pleasure of working with artist Douglas Coupland and Anthony von Mandl to realize their sculpture Vincent van Gogh, a monumental bronze, for Martin’s Lane Winery in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. The artist supplied the foundry with a high resolution 3D file, and a pattern was CNC milled in dense […]

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2015 Project Highlights

The foundry completed a staggering  400+ sculptures last year. While each one of these projects was successful and interesting, we have collected an exceptional group of technically challenging and highly celebrated sculptures from 2015. Frank Benson’s Juliana The artist scanned his model, Juliana Huxtable, and reworked and enhanced the scan data to produce hyper-realistic life size 3D prints. The 3D prints […]


Tom Otterness’ Monumental Cast and Fabricated Bronze Playground Sculpture Inside Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar

Tom Otterness‘ playful artistic style is recognizable to every New Yorker, many Midwesterners, and now, to every businessperson and globetrotter passing through Qatar’s Hamad International Airport. Tom has been casting with Dick Polich for over three decades. He has become somewhat of a regular since 2011, overseeing his largest, most impressive project yet, Otterness has installed large […]


Melissa McGilll’s ‘Constellation’ to Emerge Over an Abandoned Island in the Hudson River

Beacon New York artist Melissa McGill will be transforming dilapidated, deteriorating castle ruins on the small landmark island of Pollepel with an art installation she is calling Constellation. In the artist’s words, the artwork ‘will transform this ruin into a poetic and poignant experience for today’s explorers. The large–scale sculptural installation brings together light and form, and connects […]

ONa Detail (Medium)

Ursula von Rydingsvard’s ‘Ona,’ From Cedar to Bronze: A Collaborative Journey

Ursula von Rydingsvard rolled up her sleeves throughout the month of August at Polich Tallix to put the finishing touches on her most recent sculpture and largest cast bronze work to date. Ona, Polish for ‘She,’ has received an overwhelming positive amount of media attention. Standing 19 1/2 feet tall, ‘She’ towers over Brooklynites and […]

Kneeling Woman

Eric Fischl, A Visionary Sculptor

For the past four decades, Eric Fischl has been making art in various mediums, and making headlines. Recognized as one of the most influential figurative artists throughout the time span of his career, his works can be seen and found in museums, galleries, and publications all over the world.  Born in New York City, Fischl grew […]

condo robot head (Medium)

George Condo Visits Polich Tallix

George Condo has upheld a prominent position in the contemporary art world for over thirty years. From his early years as an apprentice at Warhol factories and days of brushing shoulders with  Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Allen Ginsberg, Condo has risen in the ranks of the contemporary art world and has found his own place in  popular culture. Artificial Realism, […]

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Fernando Botero’s ‘Horse’

Colombian born figurative painter and sculptor Fernando Botero’s enormous Bronze horse leaves the foundry today. Originally cast in Italy at Mariani Foundry, the sculpture was exhibited in Spanbroek, North Holland, Netherlands at the Scheringa Museum of Realist Art. It is currently up for auction through Christie’s, estimated value at up to $1 million. This gigantic equestrian sculpture […]

Teddy Roosevelt (Medium)

The American Museum of Natural History Celebrates a Naturalist’s Legacy

The American Museum of Natural History celebrated President Theodore Roosevelt’s 154th birthday on October 27th with a new exhibition showcasing artifacts, dioramas, a series of recently restored murals painted by William Andrew Mackay in 1935 portraying the President and his travels, and of course, a life size seated bronze sculpture of Teddy, cast at Polich Tallix. A […]


Form meets Function: Richard Prince’s Planters

This past August, one of America’s own backyard sports had its 59th birthday. The wiffle ball is a symbol and icon; pure 1950’s Americana. In fact, every wiffle ball ever made has come out of the original factory in Connecticut. This simple, slotted piece of plastic has woven itself into the architecture of American family life. […]


Ghada Amer Paints with Stainless Steel

Ghada Amer, a New York based contemporary artist born in Cairo and trained in France, has been a regular visitor to the foundry in the past few months. Her works both sculptural and two-dimensional depict sexually charged, often erotic images commenting on the role and representation of the female nude as it has evolved throughout […]


Polished Boulders by Jim Hodges Land at the Walker Art Center

After their debut at the Barbara Gladstone Gallery in NYC, Jim Hodges “Untitled, 2011” polished boulders were dedicated at their new permanent home, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. The Walker recently posted this photoshop stitched panoramic image of the sculptures installed on the hill behind the museum. If you missed the show in New […]

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Frank Benson: Hyper Realism in the Digital Age

  A new generation of sculptors is using modern techniques to transcend the capabilities of what can be achieved with the human hand. Jessie, Frank Benson’s mannequin-like bronze statue is a culmination of these technologies utilizing a diverse range of modern manufacturing techniques including three dimensional scanning, digital surface manipulation, rapid prototyping and CNC machining. […]