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MTA Arts & Design: Our 25 Year Collaboration

The MTA Arts & Design Permanent Art Program began commissioning public artworks in 1985 and has since built a collection of over 250 projects within the New York City Subways and Bus terminals, the Metro-North Railroad, Long Island Railroad, and the New York Bridges and Tunnels. The ‘Underground Art Museum’ showcases ceramic tile mosaics, glass, terracotta, […]


The Restoration and Conservation of Zhang Huan’s Sculpture ‘Three Legged Buddha’

Zhang Huan’s Three Legged Buddha from Polich Tallix on Vimeo. Zhang Huan’s Three Legged Buddha was fabricated in 2007 by over 100 craftsmen in the artists’ studio in China. The massive sculpture was built in less than one month.  Constructed of welded and hammered copper over a steel frame, the sculpture is over 28 feet […]

nat gal installed4

Frank Stella at The National Gallery, Washington DC

Frank Stella and Dick Polich have a unique relationship which led to many years of innovative, experimental, and exciting methods of making metal arts. Franks Stella began making art in the late 1950s with his recognizable minimalist Black Paintings. He spent many years working alongside Kenneth Tyler making abstract prints using lithography, etching, and screenprinting […]

Nancy Graves working on Taxidermy Form, (1979) in 1979 in Patina at the Tallix Beacon

Nancy Graves at Tallix Peekskill

Often considered one of the most influential female artists of the 20th century, Nancy Graves’ experimental attitude towards materials, processes and color continues to inspire and influence emerging artists today. Graves studied at Yale University’s School of Art and Architecture and is known for her paintings, prints, and extraordinary sculpture.  She was the first woman to receive […]


Polich Art Works Casts the Bronze Torosaurus for The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

A select group of sculptures stand out in our collective memory as great successes over the last 40 years. The craftspeople who have worked with the foundry in the past and present often use such projects to refer to a certain time, atmosphere, and dynamic of the foundry. The Torosaurus standing  guard the entrance of the […]

Roy (Medium)

Roy Lichtenstein at Tallix Beacon

The Vedova Foundation in Venice Italy will be showcasing works by the artist Roy Lichtenstein next spring. A research assistant for the curator recently contacted the foundry for some images to add to their catalog. We dug up some pretty incredible photos of the artist working at Tallix Beacon alongside senior fabricator Peter Versteeg. Lichtenstein […]

Il Cavallo 3

Da Vinci’s Horse at Tallix Beacon

When Leonardo first received his commission from the Duke of Milan in 1482, he set about designing the world’s largest equestrian sculpture. He drew many versions of II Cavallo in his notebooks, using his unparalleled grasp of animal anatomy. He invented new techniques  for casting in bronze on this huge scale. His cherished project made progress […]

Korean WV Memorial

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Tallix Beacon cast 19 stainless steel figures for the Korean War Veterans Memorial, installed in Washington D.C.’s West Potomac Park in 1992. The figures were sculpted and designed by artist Frank Gaylord and each stand a little over 7 feet tall. Fourteen of the figures are from the U.S. Army, three are from the Marine Corps, one […]