digital services

At Polich Tallix, we are constantly improving the tools we utilize to help artists make their works in metal.  New technologies and strategies for making sculpture have recently been developed that allow the creation of sculpture to begin digitally rather than on a workbench. This commitment to continuing to utilize the latest technology has led us to fully incorporate digital methods into our processes.


We offer in-house services to create or process digital files for the production of artwork. We can start from a sketch and create a computer model, use an existing digital model or have a 3d scan prepared of a physical model. Whether you have knowledge of modeling software or not we can offer experienced advice to help guide you through the digital production process.

2014 marked the completion a two year foundry wide expansion project which included the addition of a custom environmentally controlled room to house three 3d printers and a 7–axis portable laser scanning arm. In conjunction with all of our current 3d capabilities, Polich Tallix now offers in-house scanning, extremely high definition 3D wax printing, cost efficient desktop PLA rapid prototyping, and Waterjet CNC cutting.

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Polich Tallix also partners with other companies that are leading experts in object digitization, CNC machining and milling, plasma/laser cutting, rapid prototyping and direct metal laser sintering. Our experience and knowledge of these technologies allows us to exceed the expectations of what’s possible through traditional processes and utilize the most up to date methods for fabricating artwork.

do ho 2


“Karma” by Do Ho Suh was created using a combination of CNC cut  foam patterns for the largest figures, SLA printed patterns for the intermediate figures and a DMLS printed section for the smallest figures at the top of the piece.